TMRI provides rehabs with pre-qualified patient leads.
TMRI directs patients to rehabs from
the hospital with support from medical professionals.
TMRI helps attorneys, probation and parole officers
access rehabilitation opportunities for their clients.
Social Service professionals can utilize TMRI
to put their clients on the path to sobriety from
homeless shelters, battered women’s shelters, family courts and schools.

Marketing options targeted at addicts are expensive and not effective

Search engine
advertising expenses are
hard to control
competition for online
ranking is costly.
Offline advertising is
difficult to target and
Print Ads and
Brochures are
expensive to produce.

Since most addicts do not know what treatments to look for, these methods can attract a lot of unqualified leads.

Unqualified leads

Time sucking dead-end and
duplicate calls
No shows and
& Relapse

Unqualified leads are a waste of money, time and resources.

Searching for treatment is overwhelming. Patients need real help finding treatment, fast.

TMRI is a free service for professionals serving a high volume of patients with substance use disorders.

Patient Advocates: Legal counsel, medical providers and social service professionals,
encounter a high volume of patients in desperate need of treatment daily.

TMRI , finally gives patient advocates the tool they need to successfully locate and book
rehabilitation services that expertly match treatment criteria to the appropriate facility.

TMRI gives Rehabs direct access to pre-qualified patients who are ready to recover.

  • Addicts who have survived an overdose are more likely to commit.
  • Individuals who may lose their homes, their job or their children are more motivated to recover.
  • Patients who are offered alternative sentencing are incentivized to recover.
  • Addicts in need of lifesaving transplants must show proof of rehabilitation.
  • Injury victims can potentially increase the value of their settlements by volunteering to recover.

TMRI software delivers patients that are pre-qualified to match the right Rehabs and reduce rehab’s administrative demands.

  • Verification of Benefits
  • HIPAA forms completed
  • Medical records provided
  • Transfer request in process
  • Treatment Criteria Identified
  • Environmental preferences clarified
  • Co-pays, deductibles and Cash pay options determined

TMRI not only gives qualified Rehabs a place to list their programs, facilities and treatment modalities, it directly matches them to the patient's they can serve best.

When patients enter rehabs that best meet their treatment criteria, they have a much better chance at recovery.