About Us

We make it simple for patients to locate and book the treatment they need, fast.
We built TMRI to simplify the process of locating and booking the rehabs that can best serve each individual patient uniquely; and to help get those patients into treatment faster than the onset of withdrawal.
We interviewed 1000 people at various stages of treatment for addiction. We spent 400 hours observing ER’s in 10 hospitals We interviewed 200 public defenders, probation and parole officers and 100 social workers from different social service agencies.
Every person on our team is not only an expert in their field with a minimum of 10 years experience in the healthcare industry; each member of our community has had an experience with or related to substance abuse or mental health.

After we understood every barrier to entry, every excuse, every deterrent to getting treatment we got to work on creating a solution that would disrupt the cycle of addiction despair.

Not every rehab is the right fit for every patient! Rehabs are acute care medical facilities with sub specialties in various mental health disciplines. Our team wrote the algorithm that expertly matches patients to the right treatment options to meet and exceed treatment criteria requirements.
There is a crisis in this country that contributes to every problem we face in our society; homelessness, poverty, crime, domestic violence, child abuse and neglect; Addiction. There are thousands of rehabs that can drastically improve all of this, yet most of them are not profitable enough maintain their programming or stay in business, because they are struggling to access the right patients. We intend to fix that.
Today, rehabs have to spend more money on marketing to find the right patients, rather than on programming. We intend to repair that broken system by creating the most comprehensive database of high quality rehabs and expertly match patients to rehabs based on treatment criteria.

We know that we can improve access to treatment and we can also help Rehab’s save lives

Collectively, we are a team of professionals dedicated to using our talents and skills for improving access to better healthcare solutions for people suffering from mental health and substance use disorders. Every member of our team comes from healthcare industry backgrounds with an emphasis on technology, marketing and business development. We understand the unique challenges that rehabs have faced in acquiring the right patients through all of the channels available before TMRI. And because we believe access to treatment is a crucial component of the sobriety blueprint, we spent 4 years dedicated to researching and developing the most safe, accurate, effective and fast way to expertly match patients to high quality, credentialed treatment centers. Reducing stigma, removing barriers, simplifying the process of identifying the right level of care needed for the patient, assessing their personal needs and preferences, verifying their benefits and finding payment solutions for the underinsured are all part of the solution that we have created. And we know that by keeping rehabs profitable, we contribute to saving more lives.

Our Team


Alireza Mahmoudi
Chief Technology Officer
Amee Gray
Chief Executive Officer
Albert Lai MD
Medical Director



Amin Forghanian
Senior Back-End Developer
Sayed Ali Jafari
Head of Product
Masoud Khosravi
Product Design
Amir Jamali
Emily MCPherson
Product Manager



Charlyne Vivanco
Social Media Manager
Andrew Allen James
Content Manager
Autumn Knudson
Email Marketing Manager



Matt Sabrkhani
Hospital Contracts



Justin Schmidt
Financial Advisor
Lori Fasolino
Financial Controller

It started with a problem, I couldn’t solve.

I started researching and developing TMRI in 2015. I had been a marketing executive in the healthcare industry for 11 years. During that time I saw many points in the care continuum where intervention and support could make a real difference in the lives of so many people suffering with substance use disorders. But it wasn’t until I experienced first hand how incredibly difficult it is to help a loved one get into treatment that I could truly understand why those concerned healthcare, legal and social service advocates along that continuum were so stumped; there was no comprehensive and effective system by which they could access treatment faster than the onset of withdrawal symptoms. Of all the dating apps, hotel reservation management systems, restaurant locators and electronic medical records systems, how had a solution not been created for the most pervasive problem we have in this country? A problem that fuels homelessness, poverty, despair, violence, child abuse, neglect, domestic violence, mass shootings and organized corruption. It seemed so simple, so why hadn’t anyone done it? Because it isn’t so simple after all. I believe that by helping one person get sober you can save the lives of so many; daughters, sons, husbands, wives, mother, fathers and every person who touches that persons life. That is why this tool is free for healthcare, legal and social service professionals. That is why there is no big software implementation that becomes a hospital administrative nightmare. There is no ridiculous learning curve to use it. There is literally no reason why a person who advocates on the behalf of patients suffering from SUD’s can use it. TMRI streamlines access to equitable healthcare solutions for patients and clients suffering from SUD’s. No stigma, no barriers, no cost, no implementation. This is my solution and my answer to the “war on drugs”. So I ask, will you be part of the solution?



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Until there is a solution to the drug epidemic, we must streamline access to rehabilitation for those who wish to recover.