Streamline access to rehabilitation for patients with speed and precision.
A free, easy to use rehab locator designed exclusively for
medical, legal and social service Advocates.
Improve Case Load Management.
Improve Patient Outcomes.
Give your clients the opportunity to
recover in a safe environment.

Locating and Booking Rehabs is overwhelming

Addicts and their families don’t know where to look and don’t know what they need.
Medical Professionals
Hospital staff have no reliable way to quickly identify services for their patients.
Legal Counsel
Attorneys do not have dedicated support staff for researching treatment options.
Case Managers
Social Service pro’s carry massive and unpredictable case loads.
TMRI cloud based software is designed exclusively for use of medical providers, legal counsel and social service advocates. TMRI expertly matches patient treatment criteria with qualified rehabilitation treatment facilities.

The only way for professionals to Help access treatment for patients With Dignity, Compassion and Support.

Utilizing a state of the art, cloud based software that gives professionals the information they need to quickly direct patients to high quality rehabs.

The first and only cloud based software designed for professional use that Matches Patients based on American Society of Addiction Medicine treatment criteria.

TMRI is a free patient-to-treatment matching solution for advocates serving patients with substance use disorders.

Secure & Reliable
Streamlined Access

True Match Recovery Index is a centralized database and triaging tool available exclusively to professionals who serve patients in crisis.

TMRI improves operational efficiency and patient outcomes by decreasing the amount of time it takes to locate and book treatment specific rehabilitation.
reduce occupational stress and burnout.
With TMRI, medical providers never have to discharge a patient without offering them a fully accessible, comprehensive recovery plan, reducing the anxiety many professionals feel sending an addict home without rehab resources.
choose a rehab with confidence, quickly.
Eliminate the confusion of finding the right treatment options while reducing the time it takes to locate high quality, licensed facilities with immediate availability.
Help families in distress.
Eliminate the confusion and reduce the stress of trying to identify the right treatment.
Improve Injury settlements
Get patients off pain meds to Increase patient reliability and accountability.
Know your options.
Research availble choices and be ready to admit clients when they are ready to commit to treatment.
Resolve Complex cases.
Source treatment for patients with coexisting addiction and mental health disorders.
Improve Case Load Management.Improve Patient Outcomes.
Putting patients on the path to sobriety removes addiction as a roadblock for accessing housing, jobs, organ transplant donations, maintaining custody and staying out of jail. TMRI helps create a recovery blueprint quickly and efficiently.
Reduce Risk of Recidivism.
Direct patients toward evidence-based programming to keep them off the streets and away from their addiction triggers.

Here is what our users have to say

“TMRI will absolutely improve the way we access rehabilitation treatment for our patients, and make it possible to continue care beyond the emergency room.”